Inmark Packaging | Temperature Controlled Packaging

Case Studies

Not Too Big, Not Too small

The Challenge

A new Inmark client approached us to help them more cost-efficiently ship their temperature-controlled packages. Their previous packaging solution required multiple packages to ensure the entire shipment was received at its destination.

The Solution

A slightly smaller package or other option could have made a slight impact on the client’s packaging costs; however, we felt that there could be a solution to drive a much more profound impact on their costs. Inmark engineers reviewed the specific product being transported to identify the best packaging and shipping options to meet their needs. They determined that the most cost-efficient way to ship the product would be using a custom package that could contain all parts of the shipment in one box, without compromising standards.

The Result

Inmark engineers successfully created a package that could ship all components of the product, reducing the client’s packaging and shipping costs by nearly 50%. The client was thrilled with the ingenuity and significant cost savings provided to them by the Inmark team.