Temperature Controlled Accessories from Inmark Packaging

Case Study

Not Too Big, Not Too small

Jul 2012

A new Inmark client approached us to help them more cost-efficiently ship their temperature-controlled packages. Their previous packaging solution required multiple packages to ensure the entire shipment was received at its destination.

Product Overview


Providing everything you need for temperature-controlled transport.

Inmark is committed to providing you with every component of your temperature-controlled packaging needs. We are pleased to offer a range of accessories to ensure safe and efficient transport for every shipment. Packaging accessories we provide include:


For shipments requiring a colder temperature, Inmark offers a variety of refrigerants to meet a wide variety of applications and budgets. For larger refrigerant needs, Inmark is pleased to offer branding customization, with your custom logo added to packs.


From racks to air bags, Inmark offers a variety of dunnage options to ensure safe, secure transportation of your shipments.


Properly labeling of your shipments is essential to safe transport and compliance with all domestic and international regulations. Inmark offers a wide variety of labels for your specific packaging needs.

Inmark offers robust, thorough packaging options for your temperature-controlled transport needs. Visit our Product Catalog to view our range of accessories, or contact one of our consultants to discuss your specific packaging requirements. We have the experience and expertise needed to assist you.