Pallet Shippers from Inmark Packaging

Case Study

Not Too Big, Not Too small

Jul 2012

A new Inmark client approached us to help them more cost-efficiently ship their temperature-controlled packages. Their previous packaging solution required multiple packages to ensure the entire shipment was received at its destination.

Product Overview

Pallet Shippers

Innovative solutions for large payloads.

The right temperature-controlled pallet shippers will deliver your temperature-sensitive goods without spoilage, damage or loss of efficacy. Inmark offers a variety of LDPE and EPS pallet shippers to assist you with:

  • Controlled room temperature shipments
  • Refrigerated/chilled shipments
  • Frozen shipments

The pallet shippers available at Inmark offer precise temperature controls, extended hold times of up to 120 hours, and flat shipment with easy assembly for ease of use and cost efficiency. These versatile shippers offer a combination of performance and cost efficiency to help you safely and easily ship your temperature-sensitive goods.

Inmark has the pallet shipper options to meet your needs. Visit our Product Catalog for full details about our available options. Or contact our consultants to find the precise shipper needed. Simply call us at 800-646-6275 or send us an email today.