Temperature Controlled Parcel Shippers from Inmark Packaging

Case Study

Not Too Big, Not Too small

Jul 2012

A new Inmark client approached us to help them more cost-efficiently ship their temperature-controlled packages. Their previous packaging solution required multiple packages to ensure the entire shipment was received at its destination.

Product Overview

Parcel Shippers

Offering customized options for your temperature-controlled packaging needs.

Choosing the right packaging is essential to ensure compliance with all regulations and to safely deliver your packages to their destinations. Inmark has a variety of options to meet your packaging needs, including LDPE and EPS parcel shippers to assist you with:

  • Controlled room temperature shipments
  • Refrigerated/chilled shipments
  • Frozen shipments

The parcel shippers at Inmark have been pre-qualified for shipments up to 120 hours for multiple temperature applications, making ordering and training simple and cost-efficient for your business.

Inmark offers a range of temperature-controlled packaging options for your specific need. Visit our Product Catalog for more information. Contact us at 800-646-6275, or via email with any additional questions.